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Labatt Breweries Canada Ltd.

“It was great to have the Miura and IBW team visit our brewery and our new Boiler installation, we are very proud of these machines. They definitely are a reliable and efficient boiler and a huge upgrade over the old fire tube boilers we had.” – Maintenance Manager, Powerhouse, Labatt Breweries Canada Ltd.

Shelter Point Distillery is one of the first companies in Canada who produces single malt whisky. Shelter Point takes its inspiration from the few remaining traditional Scotch distilleries such as Highland Park, Glenfiddich, and Springbank which still process their own barley on site. To this end, the facility is constructed to not only house the practical apparatus of the distillery, but to allow visitors an opportunity to enjoy the educational experience through tours and tastings. Shelter Point distillery has a capacity to produce 120,000 litres per year of single malt whisky.

To us, the selection of the right boiler for our unique distillery plant was very important as our distillery is built like an institution where our client can visit us, and understand the Single Malt process. We have selected each and every piece of equipment with utmost care, so that our customer not only likes the taste of Single malt whisky, but they get an enlightened experience when they see our plant. 

As part of our state of the art plant we have installed the MIURA – LXL 100SG steam boiler because: 

  • They are a compact design
  • They have low NOx  technology which preserve our  environment
  • We get steam in less than 5 minutes
  • Quiet
  • Comparable models , extremely energy efficient

We are extremely delighted with the Miura Steam Boilers, and the product service and support we have received from Independent Boiler Works, Abbotsford from installation to start up.  We are sure to receive the same response in the future as well.
I would strongly  recommend  Independent  Boiler Works  and  Miura  boilers to  forward thinking companies and  customers  who want to save fuel, emission, space, and get steam in 5 minutes.

James Marinus 
Operations Manager
Shelter Point Distillery

Gulistan Carpet

“We rely on steam for the dyeing process, and with previous steam boilers, we would have to wait at least two hours for steam to be produced. This resulted in labor inefficiencies and higher fuel costs. With the Miura boilers, we can have steam just a few minutes after startup. Since being installed, we estimate that we are saving an average of $24,000 each month on labor and fuel costs. The Miura boilers have significantly improved the efficiency of the Wagram (NC) facility.” – Jack Avant, Engineering Manager, Gulistan Carpet

“Our steam load varies from 5,000 PPH (Pounds Per Hour) to 50,000 PPH, so we were looking for a dependable and reliable boiler system that could give us the proper amount of steam for the low- and high-demand times. Our previous boilers could not run on low loads, and the efficiency would decrease drastically. The Miura boilers are very efficient and environmentally friendly, and require very little attention when operating, plus they take up a lot less room.” –Avant

“The Miura boilers have performed very well. We contacted several boiler companies, and we did not find a single competitor that could meet our requirements. Miura’s efficiency is essential to meeting our performance needs and the fuel savings and the labor savings are very important to our bottom line.” – Avant

Viscotec Automotive Products

“We chose Miura boilers because the quick start-up time and their ease-of use. We believe in the technology so strongly that we’ve been a Miura customer from the day we opened our doors. The reduced time to produce steam means that our fuel costs are lower, which is another major benefit we’ve gotten from these boilers.” – Will Fritz, Plant Engineer, Viscotec Automotive Products

“I initially had my reservations about them, because I had previously worked with coal-fired boilers, and the idea of producing steam in five minutes seemed too good to be true. But once I saw what these boilers could do, and how well they did it, I knew that going with Miura was the right decision. The boilers have performed wonderfully.” – Fritz

Quaker Oats

“The efficiency of the Miura boilers has enabled us to realize a 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption, which amounts to a savings of approximately $80,000 a year” – Terry Hronec, Facility Engineer at the Quaker Oats Bridgeview division

Pepsi Beverage

“Any boiler that we would replace in the future would, in all likelihood, probably be a Miura. Pepsi has started to buy Miura boilers for some of its other divisions as well. We are extremely happy with these boilers” – Scott Jamison, VP of Engineering at Pepsi Bottling Ventures

University of Arkansas

“The University of Arkansas is one of the signatories to the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment Challenge, which is a commitment to reduce our greenhouse gas footprint. Choosing Miura natural-gas-fired boilers contributes to helping us achieve that objective. With their high efficiencies, ease of operation, and ability to fit into our load profile, Miura boilers have become very advantageous to us” – Scott Turley, Director of Utility Operations and Maintenance, University of Arkansas

Bryce State Hospital

“We chose to install three Miura LX 100 and three Miura LX 50 high-efficiency steam boilers because of their energy savings, compact size, and ability to go from cold start to full steam in five minutes.” – Bob White, Director of Engineering, Bryce State Hospital

Duke Raleigh Hospital

“Right now North Carolina is in a drought situation. I’m attending lots of meetings on what can be done about water conservation and Miura boilers, because they are so small and efficient, have really put us way ahead of everybody around town – and this industry – on water conservation.” – Shannon Clifton, Engineering Supervisor, Duke Raleigh Hospital

“We’ve had Miura boilers here for about three years. Our first two paid for themselves in about a year on fuel savings alone.” – Clifton

“We found the savings with Miura over our previously-owned fire tube boilers, from one month to the next, was at least a thousand Decatherms. In fact, the lowest number I had was 1200 and the highest was about 1600. With the new unit, we found we saved another 100 to 200 Decatherms beyond that each month.” – Clifton

“I’m constantly getting phone calls from people across the nation because we are using the boilers in a hospital setting where there are different characteristics and/or uses. People want to know about different day-to-day questions like water treatment, and other questions. Since we work with Miura boilers on a day-to-day basis and we’re not sales people, we attract a good many questions.” – Clifton

“The efficiency is essential to meeting our needs, the fuel savings are important to our bottom line. I’d highly recommend Miura’s boilers.” – Clifton

Spangler Candy

“We were running a pretty efficient operation, but with Miura technology, we estimated an additional 10 to 20% fuel saving, and that really got our attention.” – Paul Gackel, PE, Director of Facilities/Utilities, Spangler Candy

“I felt very confident that we would satisfy our needs with Miura boilers and achieve the fuel cost savings that would enhance our productivity. The first month we could test actual fuel costs “apples to apples,” the results suggested a savings of 14.87% on fuel costs and the additional benefit or conserving natural resources.” – Gackel

“Miura boilers can step down easily and having good control of output pressure made a big difference for us in achieving our goals. Plus, even though the Miura technology was new to our operators, they did seem to like it a lot more than our previous boiler, since with the self-diagnostics there was a lot less to go wrong.” – Gackel